Global Grooves Summerfest (06-28)

ABCDchicago, MamuEvents & EuroCircle present...


ABCDchicago & MamuEvents team up with EuroCircle and a host of other global organizations to bring you music and vibes from all 4 corners of the world!

- FREE BBQ (burgers and brats) from 3p to 6p!!
- A host of outdoor visuals lasting into the night
- Blockbuster World Music Lineup

DJ Sultan (Ped) - Persian, Arabic, Russian, Hip-Hop
DJ Aladdin - Bollywood, Bhangra, Chicago House
DJ Mwelwa - Afro, Caribbean, French
DJ John Curley - Euro, House
DJ Greg Bauer - Euro, House
DJ Dean Karamaniolas - Greek, Euro-House
DJ Enrique Tobias - Salsa, Merengue
DJ Comforte & DJ KO - Italo House

==>> Say "Hamed" or "ABCDchicago" for $10 cover

21 to enter, ID required. Casual attire is a must!

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